That Turbo LS Swapped Miata

corvette ls swap turbo na miata

Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Andrew Hamilton I'm born and raised from Rhode island.

ls turbo swap racing miata stance

What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?

I was always into bikes then eventually I got into cars. I built my first motor at 17.

v8 turbo mazda miata mk1

Ok ok ok... Tell us about your ride, what is it?

Ok it's a 1990 Mazda miata. I pulled the 1.8 motor out about 10 months ago. I built the 5.3 truck motor just filed rings cam ls7 lifters ls9 head gasket and built ls1 heads everything from the turbo manifolds to the charge piping and the fuel system was hand made by me. No one else has touched this car.

mazda miata na mk1 v8 ls swap turbo


 It took me about 10 months from start to finish to put the motor in the car and get it driving. The motor is an lm7 with a jk40c transmition with a Colons adapter plate custom drive shaft and a ford 8.8 rear end with traction lock or (lsd) car is set up for drag racing. Has a full slick setup on weld wheels and some over fenders. Has a custom dash that I made with aem gauges nothing serious pretty stripped down.

drag race miata na build v8 turbo ls swap rear stance

What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice?

All the money is under the car. Every suspension and drive-line component is brand new I spared no expense on the whole build. 

street legal ls swap turbo miata rwd


Andrew's Instagram: @thatlsmiata

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