Randy's 16V ABF MK1 Golf Cabriolet

vw mk1 square headlights stance

Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from?
Name is Randy, I'm from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?
I've been modifying pretty much anything on wheels ever since I was a kid. Started out with bicycles and skates, then progressed to go-carts as I got older, and eventually I modified my first car. I've always had a passion for cars for as long as I could remember. My dream was to build my own car with my bare hands – meaning I would do all the wiring, paint, body work, interior/exterior, etc.- with no help from professionals. So that's why I've kept in it.

vw mk1 usa spec clipper kit cabriolet stance gti square lights

Ok ok ok... Tell us about your ride, what is it?
I have a blue 1989 VW Cabriolet.

euro bumper mk1 with us gti headlights front

Exterior Mods?
Well, I think few people would notice exterior mods unless you are a VW car enthusiast! But people who know me understand that I like to be different. While most in the VW car scene would prefer single round headlights, I decided to go the other way around. I completely fabricated (with the help of my brother) the whole front. I decided to go with square headlights, Euro bumpers, and spoiler from a Rabbit GTI– and with a little of my own added touch, I modified my OEM front bumper lip to fit the GTI front spoiler. In addition to the custom front flare pieces I made, it tied the whole clipper kit together.

mk1 golf rabbit euro bumpers square lights combo swap

Interior Mods?
As far as interior mods, everything was also made by me. I got a Mk3 Golf dashboard that I cut to fit and upholstered myself, and I made the carbon fiber door cards along with a carbon fiber steering wheel. The only thing I didn't make was my instrument cluster faces, shift tower for my 02A transmission, and BRAUM racing seats considering I wanted to be comfortable while driving.

custom vw mk1 interior braum seats cluster

Anything special under the hood?
I have a 16v ABF build that I basically franken built myself. It's a 16v 1.8 head from a Scirocco and an Mk3 2.0 ABA bottom end and using a closed box ratio transmission from a Corrado. I didn't just want to paint and go with the engine, so I decided to go with a short runner 16V manifold that I upholstered to be different and made a custom adapter to run the ABA 2.0 throttle body.

aba 16v abf 2.0 1.8 corrado scirocco swap

What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice?
Most people like to look from the front seats and forward. But what they haven't noticed is that I eliminated the rear seats, and made a little musical wall in suede with my amp and 2 speakers sitting over the lower cross frame. I wrapped this in carbon fiber to compliment the rest of the interior.

blue vw mk1 golf cabby wide stance

Anything else you'd like to add? (could be about anything) 
More mods soon to come! I will be turbo charging the engine and have a set of BBS center lock wheels that I have fully refurbished. I also currently have Fresh Reflections making me a custom radiator/inter-cooler package (direct bolt on) for the car. Stay tuned for more updates! :)

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  • Ian

    Nice ride! I drive a white 1990 VW Cabriolet. Nothing fancy about mine but I enjoy living vicariously through others. Need to get new wheels soon as two of mine are bent out of shape – was going to go OEM but will probably end up doing something a bit different. Thanks for sharing! All the more motivation to keep working on my own!

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