Nil's Track Ready Black NA Roadster

na miata mk1 track stance black bronze

Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from?

I'm Nils Hummelink, 20 year old car enhousiast from the Netherlands.
What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?
Since I was a kid I always have been interested in anything engine related. I have been into bikes for a long time, especially motocross. Because of a friend I started to be interested in cars way more when I was around 14 years old. Around 16/17, when I started to look for my first car, my love for cars started to grow and grow. At first I have been looking for BMW e30's but I got really interested in the NA miatas since I followed the build of Phil, the mx5 of Carthrottle.
The fact that I like working on cars a lot, going to meetings, speaking with other car guys and seeing other build definitely keeps me in the car scene

black and bronze na miata stance

Ok ok ok... Tell us about your ride, what is it?
This is my 1991 Mazda Miata. Originally it came from the USA, went straight to Germany in 1991 and came to the Netherlands in august 1999. Why the first owner let it come al the way to Germany is not clear for me. I only know it was a women and she took really good care of it. All the service history since the beginning is all in the original service manual. Still with the car after 29 years! Although writing down the service stopped at some point. And that same owner probably started to modified it. When I bought the car It was lowered and did have some wrong style wheels on it, together with a cracked tombstone, a few stancenation stickers and really rough paint. The base of the car was really nice, almost no rust, nice looking interior, just needed some love!
So far the history. After I bought it a lot of things changed with the intention to make a clean looking car, to have fun with and also to be able to take it out on the track. I started off with small mods, normal service, restoring some things and ofcourse, rust repairs… Polishing the car really helped to get the red color fresh again. It got some nice looking wheels after that. It did use some oil and this got worse, so the engine was rebuilded by myself. Tucked quite a lot in the enginebay, most of the wiring is behind the fenders and quite a lot is either restored, improved or removed. End of 2018 the complete car was painted in Marron Callisto Metallic. A Renault Clio RS color. The last big change was a dashboard swap to a Mx5 NB dash.

na miata rear disc brakes

Exterior Mods?
• Custom paintjob
• CarbonMiata ducktail
• Miata R-package front lip
• OEM hardtop
• Japan Racing jr12 wheels
• Japan Racing lug nuts
• Wilwood 4 piston big brake kit
• Wilwood proportioning valve
• Goodridge braided brake lines
• EBC yellowstuff pads
• Raceland coilovers
• Custom bumpercut
• Smoked usa turn signals
• Antenna delete
• All chrome painted
• Shaved side marker lights
• License plate side mount
• Hood locks

black na miata interior


black na miata interior momo track stance

Interior Mods?
• Mx5 NB Dash
• Mx5 NB center console
• Jass Performance cluster panel
• Custom shift panel
• Nardi steering wheel
• Matching shiftboot/handbrake boot
• Carbon quick release
• Soft top delete
• AEM Afr gauge
• Delrin door bushes
Anything special under the hood?
• Custom cold air intake
• Full stainless steel exhaust with cat delete and 4-2-1 headers
• Stage 1 ported head
• Volvo valve springs
• Toyota coil on plugs
• Me221 ecu
• 1.8 variable tps
• 1.8vvt injectors
• Dual feed fuel rail
• Dual catchcan
• Custom coolant reroute
• Modified valve cover
• Adjustable cam gears
• Custom washerfluid bottle
• Carbon radiator cover
• A/c delete
• Wire tuck

na miata engine timing gear valve cover paint

What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice?
A lot of time went into small details. Many small OEM parts were changed for new mazda parts. Something that makes the car a lot cleaner, but is not really noticeable. Most of the bolts on the car are changed for new stainless steel bolts. Also wiring in the enginebay took a lot of time. Most of the wiring runs inside of the front fenders. And fun fact: all the lettering on the lights is sanded down and polished. Not noticeable at all, but a small little detail ;)

Anything else you'd like to add? (could be about anything)
I would like to add some future plans. After the first time out on the track it performed really good but it missed one thing: power. At the moment I’m busy with performance head and Toyota individual throttle bodies. For now I want to keep it naturally aspirated. Furthermore I would love to have a roll cage in the same color as the wheels. I want to restore the undercarriage and I’m working on some custom chassis bracing. Together with a nice set of coilovers this should make it a even better handling car. Ofcourse there are many more things to add to this list. It’s far from finished. I still got time enough, it’s not leaving me soon… or ever.


  • Jack

    Love the build! What’s the exact name and colour of those wheels! I’ve been looking for some for a while now and they’re perfect.

  • David Duggan

    Very nice clean car and great attention to detail.

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