Gavin's Aircooled Bodydropped Mk1 Caddy

I've been following Gavin on Instagram for over around a year now. The moment I saw the Mk1 Rabbit pickup truck on the floor (Literally!) I knew he was up to something epic and was an instant fan. It turns out he has gone with a full-on aircooled Caddy conversion with a bug pan. Let's take a look.
aircooled caddy copy
Why did you choose this platform?
I chose this platform as all the running gear is leaving with the pan, meaning I can drive it mm’s from the floor as that's what I wanted to do from the start.
aircooled caddy ultimate dubs copy
Why did you choose that color?
The paint is only temporary to stop it from rusting planning on taking to Painttec in the near future for Travis to show us his crazy skills.
bug pan mk1 caddy copy
Why did you go with this interior?
I wanted this interior because of the body drop their isn’t much space between the steering wheel and floor.
body drop mini truck mk1 rabbit pickup copy
tubbed mk1 caddy copy
body dropped aircooled volkswagen copy
Why did you choose that engine?
I chose the Type3 engine to keep the engine lower than the sides of the truck and can get better cooling to the engine as the tailgate is a wind tunnel to the fan.
aircooled vw caddy
Why did you choose that suspension?
For a comfy ride and I wanted to try out some new ideas, needed Limebug to make the custom 8” narrowed front beam for the full turning circle on full drop as well so I can drive low with no issues.
mk1 caddy stance pickup
Why did you choose those wheels?
Went with the 3SDMs because of their good offset and they are perfect width for the car.
Top 3 things that make this car special to you.
1. Learning curve
2. Bringing friends and family together
3. Unique not your every day farmers truck
Imperfections and things to be addressed.
Paint and body work, wheels, new engine.

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