Fully Built Time Attack NB

time attack miata nb v6 race track car

Let's hear a little about the owner- What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Bobby Kostopoulos, I’m From the Tampa Bay area of Florida, I have a back ground In Automotive Technology

miata nb racecar time attack setup

Tell us about the origin/history of this specific Miata and why you picked it as the platform for your time attack project.

I’ve been building cars my whole life. The last twenty years we’ve raced Porsche’s in SCCA Et…. As you know Porsche’s can get expensive, you Blow a motor on a Porsche and things get very expensive quick! So I wanted to build a car that had a lot of aftermarket support, was inexpensive to run and had the potential to be a giant killer. Hence I built a Miata. If I wrap the car around a pole, the Miata tub will cost me about $500. The GM motor, like what’s in the car, 2-3k at the most. Regarding Time Attack- I wanted to do something different and Time Attack is pretty hot right now not only in the US but in the world.

Chevy camaro v6 miata build

mazda miata track car interior

I'm sure everyone, myself included, are wondering what that menacing engine you have peeking out of the bonnet! And what did it take to make it work?

The Motor is a LGX V6 Camaro engine. The motor Weighs the same as the 4 cylinder, produces over 3x the power in the state the engine is now and has the same high revving chararistics as the 4. The engine is quite stout from the factory. All forged internals, quad cam, 4 valves per cylinder, Direct injected, vario cam Timing et… The whole idea was to set the car up naturally aspirated, work the bugs out and Twin Turbo the car later on.

miata nb v6 fabrication stance

I've seen a few memes and jokes online about the massive and almost whimsical aero that are applied to time attack car, are all of these spoilers, wings, and canards custom? Do you have a history with this kind of work?

At first all the comments bothered me but I quickly realized that the people making the comments were not familiar with this style of racing so I have learned to ignore the negative criticism. All the aero is all custom. My brother owns Custom Composite Products (CCP Fabrication as many people know him) which specialize in Race car composite parts. Much work, research and development went into that process.

miata nb rear stance wing

What are the parts of this car you are most proud about? Are there things you've done that no one will notice?

Well I would say the aero. It is infinitely adjustable. I can adjust up down In out or remove almost ever part of the aero package on the car. The car is like a transformer, It is a Unlimited Time trial car That components can be removed to make it a week end track car or for that matter all the aero can easily be removed to make this a Street Car which it does have insurance and plates. So I can enjoy this car at any level. Some unseen things- programmable Electric power steering, LCD rear camera, Solid state electrical system, Wireless steering wheel, Flat bottom floor et…..

custom sparco racing steering wheel

cutoms maita v6 ecu standalone electric powersteering

custom miata nb v6 dual exhaust

What's the relationship between the owner, fab shop, and driver?

I’m the owner and the majority of the fabrication was done by me. Somethings like the roll cage, exhaust work et.. was farmed out. All the composite work was done by either myself or by CCP Fabrication. The driver was originally a customer of my brothers who eventually started to drive for us and has become a dear friend, Eric Powell. Eric’s resume is extensive, he has won many championships, hold multiple track records and even has worked for Disney as a stunt driver. Eric presently is the lead track cheif instructor for Skip Barber Motorsports.

custom fabrication race porsche 80s 90s

Feel free to tell us anymore about this car and yourself or anyone associated with this project!

I just want to take the time to thank you for the interest in this project! If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us @kostopoulos_autosport on Instagram and @ccpfabrication with any composite product inquires!

porsche carrera racecar green aircooled

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