Frank's Miata NB

Today we take a look into Frank Martin's NB Roadster from Los Angeles.

bagged miata nb

Why did you choose this platform?
I already had a NB and then found this one in way better condition and decided to build it.

miata nb rear stance

Why did you choose that color?
I wanted to repaint the entire car OEM Black after the body work, but my painter showed me how much darker Mercedes Black is and he changed my mind. 

takata harness recaro pole position

Why did you go with this interior?
I used to have Bride Low Max reclinable seats in my other NB and didn’t like how they fit. I knew I wanted smaller seats and the Recaro Pole Positions fit MUCH better IMO, plus the Takata harnesses pop with that green against the black. I’ve always been a fan of Renown wheels so I already knew I was going to go with one of theirs and the suede 130R goes matches the suede on the inside of my hardtop. I knew I wanted the Works Bell Rapfix GTC because I like driving with the top down so a quick release is out of the question and the tilt makes it easier to get in and out of my seats. 

renown suede steering wheel with tilt

Why did you choose that engine?
The NB has low miles and I’ve always kept up on the maintenance. I love how reliable it is and I haven’t had any serious issues (knock on wood).

miatahub franks miata nb on bags

Why did you choose that suspension?
I knew I wanted air suspension and after shopping around I found D2 Racing kit that came with everything I needed to install the bags myself at an affordable price. D2 is actually down the street from me and the guys that work there are cool AF!

miata nb stance rear

Why did you choose those wheels?
I was shopping around for 3 piece 16’s that I could get built to my liking. At first I bought Weds then I bought Work Wheels (both from Japan) and ended up getting refunded after I was told the specs I wanted wouldn’t be possible. I’ve always loved CCWs and decided to go with them. Later I bought some Weds from my buddy Jerod because he was selling the wheels I originally wanted and ended up throwing them on my NA. 

miata nb duck bill and rear hardtop spoiler

Top 3 things that make this car special to you.
I for sure love the Paint/Body Work, my interior overall is definitely next in line, and finally I’d say my trunk setup which I made by hand (other than the box for the sub that’s hidden underneath that my stereo guy made).

miata nb bagged

Imperfections and things to be addressed.
I’m constantly repairing my front bumper and splitter due to breaking off my splitter multiple times and road rash. 

miatahub nb feature blog

Anything else you would like to add?
I want to boost the NB eventually and I have some plans for it, but I’d rather not talk about it too much because I’m focusing on the NA right now. Eventually I’ll get back to modding the NB, but for now I’m pretty happy with how it looks.

Frank is also a great photographer and shoots for MazdaFitment and Karuma Limted. Link to his instagram: @frvnkmartin

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  • Tyler Kachadoorian

    This is the cleanest NB miata I’ve ever seen. I don’t know when this was posted but I’m currently in the market for an NB. To see one this clean is very RARE. (Coming from Miami, FL) Props to you!!

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