Dennie's G40 MK2F Polo Genesis

Today we take a look at Dennie's Mk2F Volkswagen Polo from The Netherlands.

g40 polo genesis on bbs rs

Why did you choose this platform?
Since when I was young I loved VW. My brother owned a few MK1 and MK2 GTI's and that is when I fell in love with the dubs from that era. A big plus is they are fairly easy to work on, a lot of parts are available (even new). 

Why did you choose that color?
​The color chose me ;-) I was looking for a G60 but at the time nothing good was for sale so I ended up looking for a G40. And since 98% of the Dutch delivered G40's are the Genesis violet version I automatically got this color. It grew on me and now I love it. It stands out between all the grey, black and blue.

Why did you go with this interior?
​I wanted better seats and most of the bucket seats are too big for the little Polo. So after looking around I found these 911 seats which could also be adjusted electrical for a absolute low price. I love how they look and will not change them. However I have big plans for the rest of the interior.

polished polo g40 engine bay valve cover

Why did you choose that engine?
It is the stock engine. I really wanted a G-lader engine because I love the sound and possibilities you have with them. The also get more rare every year.

Why did you choose that suspension?
​I have had everything from standard height Koni to H&R lowering kit to KW V1 adjustable coilovers. All had their positive and negatives, but I will never change again from my Airforce Air Suspension set. It gives me freedom of height, adjustable damping and automatic levelling. I needed that because of my local roads and how the Polo is build (shitty stock suspension). 

purple vw stance

Why did you choose those wheels?
​Also had several.. Went from 13" RSL to 14" Schmidt TH to now 15" BBS RS. Just like almost every VAG driver I still think nothing beats the BBS look in combination with a dub. It's a timeless wheel and there are so many options.

Top 3 things that make this car special to you.

​1. The memories I have with it working for days and hours on it together with my brother and some of my dub friends. Priceless!

2. The fact that almost everything I have changed on it is custom made, because it wasn't available for this model.

3. Every part on the car is OEM or OEM+ from all the VAG brands, which makes it a bit of a Frankenstein.

g40 grill badge polo

Imperfections and things to be addressed.
​It's an ongoing project. I still want more lows, wider wheels, a bit more hp.
What are the most important things this car/build has brought/taught you?
Endless hours of fun, laughs and stress-free moments working on it. The new places I have been to because of it, the things I have learned from it and the people around the world I have got to know because of it. Of which some have become almost a daily part of my life and some I see as friends beyond the cars (I am looking at you Will).

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