Charlie's B4 Passat from across the pond

Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from?
Names Charlie from Poole which is a small town along the south coast of England.

b4 tdi passat

What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?
I started taking pictures of modified cars for a University project and met some cool guys through that. So I’d say it was my friends that got me into it and to this day they’re the ones keeping me in it. Met some of my bestest friends through doing dumb shit to cars

b4 passat wagon stance

Ok ok ok... Tell us about your ride, what is it?
It’s a 1996 Passat B4, it’s the second one I have owned and this one will be here to stay.

b4 passat variant static stance

Exterior Mods?
Last year it went through some big changes, it had a full respray in the original factory colour. During the respray we smoothed some stuff, side repeaters on the wings were smoothed, washer jets on the bonnet were smoothed, bought front bumper with the number plate recess smoothed and the fog light blanks have been smoothed and matched to body colour, can’t take credit for this as I bought these bits off another sick passat which was breaking. Finding a rear bumper without towbar cut out was a pain but we got one.

Also fitted and aftermarket spoiler which I am really pleased about because it suits it so well. 

It’s lowered on coilovers, and currently running a set of Rota Grid Offroads (ones with more aggressive specs), hopefully grabbing myself a nice set of split rims as the Rotas are a long temporary thing. 

Running 3” drop plates on the rear to centre the wheel more and give it easy lows. On the front all that was done was a chassis notch to clear the draft shaft and steering arms. Drop plates and notch done but Coltech Classics. 

Front bumper splitter is from a 6n2 gti but extended fit the Passat bumper. Wanting to change this soon for something different or I need to make another because it’s ruined.

Sideskirts are BMW M performance, from one of the newer shape 3 series. Had been looking for sideskirts for ages and a mate had these spare so we saw how they sat, cut them up and put them on. They’re only small and not anything “out there” but the difference with them on is noticeable and helps define how low the car actually is. 

My favourite part of the car are the headlight covers that have been tinted, its the finishing touch to tidying up the front end and really does give an aggressive look. All the lights on the front have been split and sprayed black inside so without them it still looks the part but you can’t beat how it looks with them on. Also the rear lights have been tinted all red, I thought all red lights on a red car would be too much but they really do suit and I love the rear end, especially with the spoiler fitted. I also have hidden the exhaust tip because I had a tip on show before and it never looked right.

murdered out passat tdi

Interior Mods?
Interior mods wise it’s still fairly basic. Momo wooden steering wheel and a gear knob made by @builtbybasil. The seats are from a Seat Cupra, the half leather seats with donut head rests. I only bought them because I enjoy donut head rests. Would love to get a hold of some retro looking Recaro’s with the donut head rests. 

I have trimmed most of the interior plastics in a suede material, I did this for the headlining because it was previously cream so that had to go. But the plastics were all black but I trimmed them just so everything matches and it looks a lot nicer. Main thing I haven’t done is the dashboard because that seems like it’d be too much of a job for how little experience I have. 

The speakers have been upgraded because as you would imagine after 20+ years the standard speakers had been past their best and were rattley and distorted.

passat wagon stance

Anything special under the hood?
The engine is just a boring 1.9tdi, the 90hp 1Z. It’s had no major work, just the basic bolt on mods to give it a bit more go to it. It’s had .216 injector nozzles from the 2.5tdi from the T4’s, PD130 inlet, MAF delete, evrymod installed to chuck in more fuel, Ramair foamy cone filter for all the sucky noises and a straight through exhaust for all the rowdy chug chugs. But that’s about it on upgrades, most of it has been replacing old perished vacuum lines and general servicing. I’ve replaced a subframe and several sumps but that’s to be expected on a static car. A part from that the engine is really reliable, great on fuel and isn’t too sluggish. 

What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice? (LOL)
The one thing I can guess no one knows about except me and a few friends is that on the pipe where the cat used to be a penis was drawn on permanently with weld. Nice surprise from my friend that welded up the exhaust. A part from that, what ya see is what ya get.

b4 passat stance vr6 tdi uk rhd

Anything else you'd like to add? (could be about anything)
The build isn’t interesting in any way at all really, nothing crazy was done, nothing done here was done to blow minds. All I wanted at the end of the day was a clean static wagon and I believe it is on its way to being what I’ve wanted. It’s no show winner but it sits pretty, drives great and looks good for photos and that’s all I can ask of it!


Photographer: Levique Stephen @lxviii_


  • Miljan Todorovic

    Great looking b4 👌 great job 👍

  • Michael

    U did an amazing job. The car is awsome if it’s not a show winner I don’t know what is.

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