California Dreaming - Gilbert's VR6 Jetta Coupe

mk2 jetta coupe stance big bumpers vr6
Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from? 
My name is Gilbert, and i'm from Watsonville California.
mk2 jetta coupe vr6 bbs
What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?
Ever since I can remember, I've always been attracted to cars, all kinds not just euros. I officially purchased my own VW back in 2012 2013? Which was a 98 porcelain blue jetta mk3 with a VR6. 
vr6 jetta coupe red
Ok ok ok... Tell us about your ride, what is it?
I recently own a 1990 jetta Mk2 coupe which originally had an 8v in it, until the motor blew which is when I decided to swap in the famous VR. I used my 97 gti as a donor which was my daily at the time.
mk2 vr6 swap jetta rounds
Exterior Mods?
The coupe came with small bumpers, which I switched off to big, swapped out the tail lights and gti front end.
mk2 jetta single rounds badgeless
Interior Mods?
Interrior is all bone stock, except the black carpet which I got from a buddy's golf he was parting out
mk2 stance rolling shot
Anything special under the hood?
Cams, light fly wheel, light pullys, tt down pipe, bfi cam file stage 2
mk2 jetta stance rollcage vr6
What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice?
Trunk setup and air ride.

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