Agata's MK2 Jetta Coupe from Poland

mk2 jetta coupe grey gray 3sdm stance

Let's hear a little bit about the driver - What's your name and where are you from?
My name is Agata, I am from Poland. I was inspired to modify cars thanks to his grandfather and dad. My dad is a painter and mechanic and my grandfather has a master painter, tinsmith and mechanic. They grew up modifying beautiful classic cars. And thanks to no one specifically, exactly two years ago I fell in love with the Volkswagen Jetta A2 model (Coupe). I love old cars and I know I have it in my blood! 😁

gray mk2 jetta stance big bumpers

mk2 jetta golf ecode stance girl heels

What got you into modifying cars and what kept you in it?
The car is under renovation and maintenance. My grandfather and dad worked with me on the Jetta. Big thanks to them - I appreciate this whole project/hobby more because it was hard and pleasant to work in a family environment.

mk2 jetta coupe rear big bumpers

mk2 jetta girl

Exterior Mods?
It has adjustable suspension and 3sdm 0.05 4x9j 195/40 tires. Lamps and indicators are smoked. Jetta has veneer all the way. Rear lights I currently have Hella Red. The hardest thing in Poland was to put a rubber spoiler on the tailgate, but it worked. At the beginning it was very tight financially so modification was a struggle, I sold many items, from the computer to clothes, but now I can work and study.

mk2 with mk3 seats golf jetta conversion

Interior Mods?
Inside I have a Victor steering wheel trimmed with leather and additionally thinking about inserting the original GTI steering wheel because I found in the basement. Inside I have other additional elements and I am looking for rare pieces. I have mk3 golf seats, hemmed with leather and original material from previous chairs. I still have to finish the rear seat and the door panels. I am currently working on the sound system.

mk2 jetta rear all red cherry tail lights

Anything special under the hood?
The engine is original 1.3 NZ but I want 2.0 and dad will help me with the swap.

shiny garage agata mk2 jetta coupe

What are some things you've done to your car that others might not notice?
I try to take care of the details, paint is the most labored detail and I put my whole heart into this car, some even think that I am obsessed with this car.


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Photos: Oto Foto Moto

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